Here you'll find some links to various comics of mine that appear on-line. Some of them appear on other web sites while others will be exclusive to my site. Check back regularly for new links and features.


Exercises in Style
Exercises in Style is a work in progress based on the work of the same name by the French author Raymond Queneau, co-founder of the experimental literary group, Oulipo.
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Exercises in Style

Exercices de Style (version française)
Esercizi di Stile (versione italiano)


Other comics on the web:
You can see a number of experimental comics of mine on the Oubapo site, whose link appears on the menu bar. Look for "Prisoner of Zembla" and "Running Man" (both in "Projects Archive") in particular

Zeke (2002) A now-defunct website had a project called Dada Dice where a program generated four words which you could use as the basis of a comic.

4-Square (1996) A little strip I developed for the Austin Chronicle, most of which they never got around to publishing. The Chronicle was famously stingy with space allowed to art and especially work by local cartoonists. They used to have a tiny space on the bottom of the back page where they would rotate gag strips. I designed this strip specifically with that space in mind, hence the theme of a character living in a cramped space ($25 a week is what it paid).

House Music (1995) Be sure to read Marc Weidenbaum's essay about this comic. Click on the link at the bottom of the page.

Salida (1999) In Spanish. Take a look at my friend Jorge Alderete's great site, then follow the "archivos" pulldown menu to "Zonaste!" "Salida" appears in issue #4. I also did the cover to #6.

These two latter comics were comissioned by Marc Weidenbaum for Pulse! Magazine.

I have done several on-line interviews about the release of my book Odds Off. The links I had here earlier are dead, so if you are interested, it's time to hit the search engines!

You can also read an interview with me from a couple of years ago in English or en français on the French website Du9, which is also host to the French version of Exercises in Style.